December 13, 2007

White Xmas in Versigny
Saturday Decembre 15th, 2007

The Versigny domain in Oise, was famous so far for its "days of the plants", For the first time the domain organises a white chrismas party with a sound and lightshow designed and staged by François Melchiori, one of the " Versailles's Grandes eaux" designers.

White Xmas in Versigny
Saturday Decembre 15th, 2007

Château de Versigny
Take the A1 Exit Senlis follow Ermenonville- Nanteuil-Le-Haudoin. About 45 mn from the porte de la Chapelle
Tel. : 03 44 88 62 23
Show starting at 06:30pm Open from 05pm.
Entrance fee: 10 eur & 6 eur . Free - de 5 year old.


Chrismas, the Horse and the Child
until January 06th, 2008 at the Chantilly's Large Stables

This year, the Living Museum of the Horse leads children at the heart of a magical forest, peopled by endearing and courageous inhabitants who are benefiting from the benevolence of fairies, custodians of the elements.
Who's enchantment? An elf? A goblin? The spirit of the forest? These strange characters who climb the dome of the large stables? Some fly over the back of their horses, others jump around and have strange conversations with their mounts, all are equally fascinated by the surrounding natural environment which make them travel...

Within the sumptuous decors of the Large Stables of Chantilly is presented the 23rd edition of a beautiful equestrian year-end show: "Christmas, the horse and the child." Borrowed from mythology, the history of Mael, a young farmer in love with Pauline, the shepherdess, leads us in the land of love potions, Elves and fairies ... Eleven artists and twenty horses are shaking the dome with a lot of poetry, accuracy and balance, and sometimes humor.

Noël, le cheval et l'enfant (Chrismas, the Horse and the Child)
until January 06th, 2008
Wed. at 02:30pm, Sat. a Sun. at 02:30pm & 04:30pm,
December 25th and January 1st at 03:30pm

Grandes Écuries de Chantilly
Tarifs : 18 eur (enfants), 20 eur (adultes)
with the Musée vivant du cheval access
Reservation : 03 44 57 40 40

Autoroute du Nord (A1)
- From Paris : exit Chantilly
- From Lille : exit Survilliers
Or RN 16 ou RN 17
Chantilly is less than 1 hour away from Paris


November 09, 2007

La Promenade Plantée (coulée verte)
atop the Viaduc des arts - 75012 Paris

If you visited Paris some 35 years ago, instead the Bastille Opera you would have found the Bastille railway station. The station is now gone but the tracks remain unused for decades making a wild and green scar in the art of the 11th & 12th borrough. A few years back, it was decided to renovate the neighbourhood and to replace the railway tracks atop the Viaduc des Arts by a promenade planted with roses, shrubs and rosemary (la coulée verte / the green flow). It continues at ground level through the Jardin de Reuilly and the Jardin Charles Péguy on to the Bois de Vincennes in the east.

It's a lovely walk in spring and summer (but remember autumn in Paris is not bad either) and if you're tired of just walking around you could step down and explore the arty shops and ateliers (71 boutiques all together) and cafés "under the arches" of the "Viaduc des Arts".
I will soon make a "must be seen" shop listing for this area very soon.

La Promenade Plantée
Avenue Daumesnil
75012 Paris
Mº Ledru Rollin, Bastille (by the rue de Lyon) or Gare de Lyon.

October 19, 2007

The dudes from Ménilmontant
the artist party...

This week-end, the Ménilmontant borough (XXe) is celebrating its artists.
A 150 artists will welcome you in their very "ateliers" (workshop), in collectives places or in theatres, cafés and even restaurants for a journey in the artistic Ménilmontant.
This very popular event will allow you to meet true parisians where their creative workplace is.

2 welcome spots will show visitors the route:
- 40-42, rue des Panoyaux
75020 Paris
M° Ménilmontant Hauts de Belleville

- 43,rue du Borrégo
75020 Paris
M° Télégraphe ou Saint Fargeau
Portes ouvertes des ateliers de Ménilmontant

Ocotber Fri. 19, sat. 20, sun. 21 & mon. 22
from 02:00pm to 08:00pm
tel. : 06 25 54 23 48.

the map to prepare your journey:


Que la fête continue !
Journées des plantes de Courson
du 19 au 21 octobre

Everything for your garden and flowers. 3 days long, @ the Domaine de Courson, 250 exhibitors will offer plants, deco elements and tools. Conferences are also on the menue.

Les Journées des Plantes de Courson sont une exposition-vente ouverte au public, se déroulant deux fois par an au printemps et à l'automne dans le parc du Domaine de Courson.
Elle accueille une sélection d'exposants de toutes les branches de l'horticulture d'ornement, ainsi que des formes d'industrie, d'artisanat et d'art ayant un rapport avec le jardin, sa mise en valeur ou son entretien. Les exposants présents sont soumis à une Charte qui garanti la qualité des produits exposés.

Journées des plantes de Courson (91)
entrée 15 €

Vendredi 19 octobre 2007: 14h-18h
Samedi 20 octobre 2007:10h-18h
Dimanche 21 octobre 2007:10h-18h

Parc du Domaine de Courson
91680 Courson-Monteloup — Essonne (35 km au sud-ouest de Paris)
Tél. : 01 64 58 90 12
Fax. : 01 64 58 97 00

Plan d'accès, itinéraires, météos, transports en commun